Upgrades coming to residential labs

By Scott Allen on November 29, 2016

Over winter break, Student Technology Services will replace more than 80 percent of the computers in the residential labs. A total of 50 new iMac computers will be installed to the residential comp...


Jobs for students interested in technology through STaRS

By Oana Jackson on October 4, 2016

Are you a student looking for a campus job in technology? The Student Technology and Resource Support program, operated out of STS, has open positions. For  more information please

STS names three new Level II technicians

By Scott Allen on December 6, 2016

Three STS technicians were promoted from Level I to Level II last week. Throughout their careers as Student Technology Services student workers, Chelsea Lin, Carolyn Lou and Grace Lu have demonstrated not only an aptitude for the technical aspects...


WashU docs advancing artificial blood efforts

By Scott Allen on December 6, 2016

CBS News reports that WashU doctors are getting closer to creating artificial blood that can be freeze dried and stored for long periods of time, making it easier for combat medics and paramedics to keep on hand for emergencies.


STS now offering passport photos

By Scott Allen on November 28, 2016

Completing your study abroad application? WashU students can now get passport and visa photos on campus by visiting STS during walk-in passport photo hours. Please click through to learn more!