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HIRING: Student Technology Coordinators

STC applications are now open for both the South40 and the North Side. Paid training will take place this semester for STC assignments for FA21/SP22.

South 40

– Hitzeman, Hurd and Meyers STC (4 person Hitzeman suite)
– Shandeling, Rutledge, Dauten STC (Shanedling 4 person suite)
– Lee Beau STC (1 person suite with private bathroom in Beau)
– Umrath South40House STC (SoFoHo 4 person suite)
– LiggettKoenig STC (Liggett 4 person suite)
– Park Mudd STC (Mudd modern 4 person suite)
– Shepley, Wheeler, Danforth STC (Shepley modern 4 person suite)
– Eliot STC (EliotB modern 4 person suite)

North Side

– Greenway STC (3 BR suite)
– VillageLopata STC (Village House modern 4 person suite)
– Rosedale STC (6057 Rosedale, 2 singles apt.)
– Lofts STC (6300 building, 3 singles apt.)


Please note that RA and STCs are positions that cannot be held concurrently due to the time commitment required by each position.

For more information email: