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NOW accepting applications for the following 2019-2020 STC positions

  • Hitzeman, Hurd and Myers (Housing in Hitzeman, Suite w/2 single, 2 doubles)
  • LiggettKoenig (Housing in Liggett, Suite w/4 singles)
  • JK and L (Housing in Shandeling, suite w/2 singles 2 doubles)
  • ParkMudd (Housing in Mudd, Suite w/4 singles)
  • Rosedale (Housing in 6057 Rosedale, 2 singles apt.)
  • Lofts (Housing in 6300, 3 singles apt.)
  • USoFo (Housing in SoFoHo, Suite w/4 singles)

Job description and application link here.