Grace Lu

July 23, 2016

Happy weekend everyone!

This week, I’ve been focusing on my latest assigned project! Last week, I was helping primarily with fixing bugs (issues with code for those unfamiliar with the terminology) with the new grading system that went live, but this week I got to focus on my own one-week project. Usually, I spend more time working with the backend, but this project has forced me to work a lot with Javascript and LESS/CSS. Focusing on the backend means that I work more on the behind the scenes stuff involved with building a website; for example, say you have a registration form asking you for your name, birthday, address, etc. The backend side is the part that handles all that information; for example, the backend would be the part that stores your information in a database. Frontend focuses a bit more on what the user sees: all of the pop ups that occur and the design of the website is considered frontend. I would say after this project that I probably prefer the backend more than the frontend: I enjoyed working with Javascript, but I am definitely not as comfortable with designing a website and making it look pretty.
CodeHS has recently acquired a couple of new hires on the sales team, so on Thursday, the whole company went out to Urban Putt in the Mission District on 22nd and Folsom for some mini-golfing! It’s a really cool place, and I recommend that if you’re here for the summer and looking to bond with some new friends that this would be a good place to go. There were 15 holes in total and each one was very unique: the coolest one in my opinion was the one that was called the video reality hole. It’s almost like you’re playing some sort of Wii golf game except with an actual ball and club. You can only play with four in a team, and I was with two of the new hires and another member of the sales team who now works remotely but was in town for the week.

I definitely thought that hanging out with the team outside of work was a great experience! Some of the other interns didn’t join us for that night, but I recommend to those who are hoping to intern here next year during the summer to always go out for team events. I was debating going initially as I wanted to catch up on some sleep, but I decided against it.
Nojo-RamenI’m including a picture of the amazing ramen I had this week as well at Nojo. Most ramen is pork-based, but Nojo is famous for their chicken ramen. If you’re in Hayes Valley, make sure to come to this spot! This weekend is still unplanned, but I’m sure that there
 will be a large number of events occurring. I’ll keep you all updated on what happens during these next two days!