Grace Lu

July 26, 2016

Hey all!

I had a wonderful day yesterday! I had just recently finished my second version of the project that I’ve been working on, which is allowing teachers to create custom badges and award them to students. I’ll be writing a blog post for my company actually on their medium account, so I’ll have a link to that in my next post!


One of the views of the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre!

Yesterday, I didn’t actually spend all that much time coding. We had our weekly engineering presentation where all the engineers meet and go over what each person is working on and what has been completed during the previous week as well as other small logistics. I spent a few minutes demoing my project to the sales team, as this is a feature that they will introducing and explaining to teachers on CodeHS. Most of the day however, was occupied by our intern activity! My bosses took all of the interns to the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre near the Golden Gate Bridge where we got to play an escape room game! We went to the Great Houdini Escape Room, where we were locked in a room for 80 minutes and had to figure out how to get out. The CodeHS team actually took 83 minutes to get out, which is better than the average time of about 94 minutes. However, we didn’t exactly win because we did go a bit over time, although we did manage to escape. Apparently, only 12% of teams are actually able to escape the room. I highly suggest going here if you’re with a big group of friends and enjoy riddles; I personally love playing escape room games online but I find doing it in real life to be just as or even more fun!

I was also glad that the escape room took place at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre; I’ve seen it in passing while on a bus and knew that I wanted to go back and explore it further at some point. It was nice to take a break there in the middle of the day and to bond with all the other interns and our bosses.

After coming back from the event, I made some last-minute changes to my code and then headed off to do yoga at the Grace Cathedral. My friend has been pestering me to do yoga with him for awhile, and the event was free, so I decided why not. The cathedral is on a massive hill, so if you plan on ever walking to this church be prepared for some sore legs.

It was quite a crowded event, but I thought that doing yoga inside of a church to be a very nice experience. There was a musician who sang traditional songs and played music while we practiced yoga. My friend and I got to feel like locals who were actually part of the city (it’s almost like we live here or something).

Halo-HaloTomorrow is the monthly hackathon that our company hosts, so I’m excited to see what sort of stuff I’ll be working on. Attached to this post is a picture of the Halo Halo that I got from Mitchell’s, just so you guys can be jealous and see all of the amazing stuff that I’m eating here (just kidding, sort of…). Only one more month here, but I’ll be making the most of my experience during these last 3 weeks and I’ll be sure to document all of my last few journeys!