Grace Lu

June 27, 2016



Corgi races

Hey all,

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for awhile! This weekend, I got to go to Corgicon at Ocean Beach and witness the Pride Parade firsthand! I’ve also met a lot of new friends! A bunch of us met up because we all wanted to go to Corgicon together. We all met up at Market St, a bit south of downtown San Francisco, and took the subway/tram to to Ocean Beach. There were so many corgis on the beach! Many of them were splashing in puddles and some of them had on costumes. I got to witness a bit of the corgi races (with a track that was approximately the size of a large room), and they were definitely not what I was expecting.

I was assuming the races would be more formal, but it was more like the owners yelling for their dogs to come over to them. Many corgis would crash into each other, stop in the middle of running, or turn and run back around. Watching them run was like watching a bunch of toasted marshmallows scampering past each other. The event wasn’t particularly long (many of the corgis seemed pretty pooped), so I spent most of the day getting to be acquainted with my new friends.


Chipotle float

Since it was pride weekend, there were many people celebrating in a few popular spots like Dolores Park in Mission. My friends and I went there to find a couple of other people, but it was packed. Rainbows were everywhere: there were rainbow flags, hats, makeup, bags, etc. There was hardly a spot to sit in this decently large park. Everybody seemed really happy and friendly, and I loved the spirit one gets from experiencing Pride in San Francisco. I also had the pleasure of going to the parade the next day and seeing a large number of floats and organizations passing by. The parade was definitely my favorite part of the day. My least favorite part was waiting for about an hour to get into the civic center — due to events like the Orlando shooting incident, every person had to be searched before entering. Once we went in, we were quite disappointed with the lack of things happening. We didn’t think it was fun at all! But maybe we were just tired from standing in line for so long. I’m very happy to have experienced such an amazing weekend in San Francisco; everybody was in good spirits, people were speaking about all of the love they have for one another, and I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw all the people dancing and high-fiving each other.

I’m not sure if it was the smartest decision for me to have gone out both days when I was still recovering from my cold, but I don’t regret it (yet). Hopefully tomorrow morning I won’t wake up with another stuffy nose and worse-off throat, but we’ll see. Next weekend will be fourth of July, so I’ll be sure to write about more SanFran festivities!