Grace Lu

June 4, 2016

Hey everyone!


My Sherpa being made at the CoffeeShop

I’m here woohoo! I arrived in San Francisco Thursday afternoon and was extremely tired due to the early wake up and 3-hour time difference.  To keep myself from falling asleep the instant I arrived, I decided to check out CoffeeShop, which was a 5-minute walk away from my apartment. It’s easy to miss: there’s no sign and the tiny shop could probably fit 4 people inside max. If I didn’t see the bright green paint of the building I would’ve completely walked by it. I decided to order the Sherpa, and it was definitely the right choice. A third of a cup felt like an entire can of Monster!

While trying to walk off the immense buzz, I decided to head to La Taqueria, one of the supposed best taquerias in the Mission District. It definitely lived up to its hype, as I had the most delicious carne asada taco in my entire life. I also had their famous burrito the next day, and oh boy, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat at Chipotle again after this summer. A little tip: make sure to bring cash to La Taqueria as they don’t accept card.


Delicious crawfish beignets at Brenda’s

My roommate had to attend the work, so I was left alone to explore. I decided to go to Brenda’s Soul Food, which is known for its renowned beignets. I had three crawfish beignets, which were filled with delicious crawfish and cheddar cheese. If you’re spending a summer in San Francisco, you have to come here at some point. Maybe come alone though, as I got to avoid a good half hour wait by going solo.


Macintosh at SFMOMA

As much as I’d like to eat my way through the city, my stomach and wallet can’t really handle that type of endeavor. So afterwards, I headed off to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Maybe not the best idea, as it was abnormally warm and over an hour walk. I also managed to get lost, as my path was blocked by that team known as the Golden State Warriors getting onto their bus. Eventually, I did manage to find and enter the museum (for a whopping $19 compared to the free admission at the SLAM), seeing pieces by artists like Andy Warhol and Ellsworth Kelly. If you’re into modern art, I would definitely recommend stopping by and taking a look at the galleries.

If you’re the kind of person who always needs to be doing (or eating) something interesting, San Francisco is definitely the place to be. Public transportation here is pretty great –the Muni goes late and to a lot of neighborhoods– so you always have something to do. As a software engineer intern, I definitely see why the area is such an appealing place for the summer. But as much as I’d love to document solely about all the food I’ll be eating, I’ll be starting work on Monday, so keep on the lookout for a post on my first day at CodeHS!