Welcome to the online MGT558 tutorial page. 

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TinkerCAD Tutorial: Click Here

How To Send A Print To STS: Click Here

To make a Tinkercad account go to www.tinkercad.com/

Submit a 3-D print to STS here

TinkerCAD / 3D Printing: Additional Resources

Intro Level

Simple and quick introduction
● Cheris’ video
● A playlist of six tutorial videos for a more in depth guide to the Tinkercad interface


●  Guide to the Tinkercad interface, functions and features, and a sample walkthrough of the process of designing a wrench for 3D printing
●  How to make a hinge in Tinkercad
 Using parametric design in Tinkercad to design 3D printable hinged objects
 Learn how to wrap text on objects that are not flat in Tinkercad

Basic WordPress Tutorial: Click Here 

Advanced WordPress Tutorial: Click Here

To make a WordPress account go to www.wordpress.com/

WordPress: Additional Resources

WordPress beginner tutorial

A concise overview of setting up WordPress—includes guidance for choosing domain names, installing WordPress, adding a theme and populating the site with

How to make a WP website in 8 min
WordPress Overview

Overview of WordPress – Beginner’s guide 2020 includes a tour of the dashboard.