Student Technology Services Network Use Policy

  • All students who use the STS wired or wireless networks must read and adhere to the Washington University Computer Use Policy.
  • All devices connected to the STS wired network must be registered to a student with an active housing contract.  Device registration is handled via a webpage that is presented the first time a computer connects, or manually using this online form.
  • Network Services, in cooperation with Student Technology Services, guarantees 1 (one) active wired network port per person living in the WUSTL residential. This network port is generally located in a student’s bedroom.  If a student does not have an active network port, they may request that one be activated and STS and/or Network Services will respond to fulfill the request as soon as possible.
  • Ports located in common rooms (any residential space that is not a bedroom) may be active and usable, but are not guaranteed to be so. If a student wishes to use an inactive network port in a common space, they may make a request to have the port activated.  However, whether or not this request can be fulfilled depends on the availability of additional networking infrastructure in the building where the port is located.
  • In order to request that a port be activated, or to request assistance with any other technology problem, students can submit a support request directly to Student Technology Services.
  • Due to the risk of interfering with existing network infrastructure and obscuring the origin of suspicious network activity, the University prohibits the use of personal wired or wireless routers in the residential halls.