Past Projects

One of the chief goals of the STAC is to assist the University in implementing new initiatives or getting involved in current or ongoing projects that are designed to improve the student experience with technology.


DevSTAC Projects: Many projects pitched to STAC are executed by DevSTAC. These projects are recorded here.

STAC Survey: STAC annually surveys the student population on their use of technology on campus, using the results of the survey to inform the decisions made by WUSTL IT.

Campus Calendar: STAC worked in collaboration with Student Union and Campus Life to identify and market a tool to use as a student activity calendar. STAC now promotes WUGO as a tool to increase the effectiveness of programming and improve synergies between campus organization.

Wireless Improvements: STAC has worked with IS&T over the last two years as improvements to the campus wireless internet have taken place. The new WUSTL 2.0 network now covers all of the Danforth Campus and South 40.

Mobile WebSTAC: STAC worked with IS&T to help draft requirements for additional features for the mobile version of WebSTAC.

Course Listings Redesign: The STAC worked to write up draft project requirements on how to best redesign course listings. These requirements were passed along to IS&T to take into account when developing the new version of course listings.