Job Title: Data Services Student Assistant
Department: Data & GIS Services (DGS) at Washington University Libraries
Hours: 10hrs/week
Hourly rate: $10/hour

Job Description: This position will assist the DGS staff with data collection, normalization and curation. The individual in this position will gain hands on experience in manipulating data of various qualities, creating metadata, cleaning data and otherwise preparing data for analyses and visualization. In addition, the assistant will learn tools such as Oxygen and Tableau, with the possibility of ggplot2 and D3js for the true visualization enthusiast. The person in this role should be curious and able to work independently.

Additional Job Details:

The applicant should be able to describe their qualifications and experience as regards their ability to perform each of the following:

  • communicate effectively in writing, speech, and in-person
  • manage priorities and deadlines independently
  • work cooperatively with diverse populations
  • solve problems creatively

Job Requirements:

·         Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
·         General Technology Knowledge
·         Basic Design Skills using Microsoft Office or Adobe Suite
·         Comfortable working independently
·         Adaptive to a constantly revamping environment·
·         The person in this role should be intrigued by data, be detail-oriented
·          Enjoy working with data of all variety/quality, while also understanding the importance of properly managing data throughout its lifecycle.