Job Title: DevSTAC Student Project Manager
Department: Student Technology Services – DevSTAC
Reports to: Project Manager II
Salary: Commensurate with experience – not to exceed 20 hours per week

The Student Project Manager role provides an opportunity for students interesting in entering the project management field experience leading real projects for real clients.

General Responsibilities

• Along with the client, creates the requirements document: “What do they need?”
• Along with the student developers, creates the design document: “How we will meet the need?”
• Creates the timeline: “When will we do it?”
• Creates the test plan: “Did we do it correctly?”
• Assigns tasks to the DevSTAC student developers, designers and media specialists.
• Actively monitors the progress of the team and keeps them on track.
• Escalates to supervisor if issues arise
• Communicates project status on a regular basis both with the DevSTAC management team as well as the client.
• Responsible for project success

Qualifications and Skills

• Organized: Do you use to-do list software to plan your day? You might be qualified.
• Assertive: Do people complain that you are pushy? Good. We want to talk to you.
• Pro-active: Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. Some people wonder what happened. You can guess who we’re looking for.
• Attention to detail; Did you notice we used a semi-colon here instead of a colon? Good.
• Professional attitude: We want PMs who take their projects seriously.
• Understands tech: You will be managing software projects.
• Flexible availability: Your team will most likely be available to work Thursday – Sunday.
• Good interpersonal skills
• Ability to work under deadlines
• Monitors and responds quickly to communication channels: Email, Teams etc.
• Excellent writing, verbal and organizational skills
• Meets basic STaRS hiring criteria – maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher