Closed-WashU IT- Family Crest

Attend our virtual 3D workshop to learn how to a design your Family Crest Oranament. Get your crest 3D printed for FREE!

This Workshop is closed. Email us at for more information.

Closed-Workshop 2D art to 3D art

This workshop is no longer available.  This workshop allowed the participants to make a winter theme Diorama.  We will provided them with the files they  needed to make one or  let them customize parts. For more information:

Past 3D Highlights

Last year’s student manager printed 3D pieces to build his own Stormtrooper helmet.

Last winter we had printed a snowman family, with snowflakes for them to rest their cold souls upon.


Windshield scraper

Bubble pipes

one of our most popular requests!


Gear hearts for Valentines Day.


Arts & Sciences student needed some bones for a class presentation.

Another class project involved fingers for a mechanical hand.


Here’s how the finger looked when being prepped for printing with our slicing software.

This class project was a liquid dispenser.

Then we printed the final product in its actual size.

Anthropology student brought us a digital file of a skull that turned out pretty well.


Psychology student asked us to print different brains created by MRIs of patients, for their class projects.


Easy to organize around here: just print out the pencil and tool holders as needed


When STS found out our frontdesk lampshades were no longer available for ordering we printed our own.

Closed-Valentine's Day Workshop

Join us for our FREE virtual workshop! It will be asynchronous, you can do it whenever you want! The material for this workshop will be available from February 7th – February 14th.