Tech updates for #WUSTL20

If you are graduating you should:

  1. Transition your WUSTL Box account to a personal Box account:
    IF you have used WUSTL Box to store personal or academic documents, you must transition your WUSTL Box account to a NEW personal Box account after graduation.  You will have 60-90 days to transition your account if you wish to do so. For information how to transition your account visit:
  2. Subscribe for a personal O365 license:
    IF you took advantage of downloading free copies of Microsoft Office suite to your computer through our O365 service, immediately on graduation day, you will have a limited mode use of O365, meaning you will be able to view documents, but not edit them. You may recall, this downloading of free licenses was available only to CURRENT students, and since you have graduated, Microsoft will not offer the software for free. To find more information about purchasing a monthly Microsoft O365 license visit:
  3. Printing:
    IF you lived in residential housing, once ResLife closes your housing account, your residential printing quota will also close out.  Your school may close your school quotas at will.
  4. @ WUSTL Email: Your email account is yours to keep as an alumni. Please note that if you prefer to forward your email we recommend setting up forwarding from Office 365, rather than using POP3 to configure gmail to pull messages from Office 365.
    For instructions how to properly set up email forwarding please visit: