#STSalum sighting: JESSICA WANG

STS will always be the best job I’ve ever had!

Jess, ’18-’19 Lofts STC and ’19-’20 Brookings STC, currently Sr. Consultant for Emergent Technologies in L.A., pictured with friend and current STS Student Manager and Eliot RA Guenevere Chang


My name is Jack Heuberger and I’m a junior currently studying abroad in Amsterdam. I’m a CS major and a Level II Tech/Dev for STS. Outside of school I play Ultimate for Contraband and I’ve helped organize Hack WashU!

Any conversation about international phone plans inevitably turns into a conversation about Apple’s anti-consumer practices. This post is no different — you’ve been warned.

Phone Plans in the U.S.

December 2, 2022

In Europe, most phone plans are pre-paid rather than post-paid. You probably use a post-paid plan in the US. You make an agreement with AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile (most likely for unlimited talk/text & data) and get charged at the end of the month.

Software for WashU students

Visit the Software Options for Students page to see the various software packages needed for your field of study. For discounted student software pricing see WashU’s On The Hub.

SPSS and SAS: For student downloads for your PC, go to the FY21 SPSS Student Download or the SAS 9.4 installer.

For Mac or Linux instructions and access, email softwarelicensing@wustl.edu

Tech Den location: 6214 Forsyth


Are you a graduate, professional or non-residential student in need of tech support?  Tech Den is the new service desk for you!

Danforth Campus Outdoor WiFi

Outdoor WiFi is accessible on the Danforth Campus only in the areas marked on this map:

Danfoth Campus outdoor WiFi coverage mapFor a map of outdoor WiFi for the South 40 click here.
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