3D Printing at STS

By Oana Jackson on January 26, 2017

Student Technology Services offers free 3D printing to WashU students! Simply bring your .stl 3D files (on a flash drive or on your WUSTL Box account) to STS during business hours, and an STS technician will be happy to help. You can design your own 3D models using software like AutoCad, or download models from […]

Spring 2017 Student Blog

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Cathy Kuang’s semester abroad in Hong Kong

By Oana Jackson on February 21, 2017

Blog archive: Cathy’s Silicon Valley Road Show February 27, 2017 A remarkable part about Hong Kong is the combination of city and nature in such close proximity to each other. Not only are these contrasting environments present, but Hong Kong contains the extremes of both: it is one of the most densely populated areas in […]