Discover the captivating narratives of STS student staff as they record their study abroad experiences at WashU. This blog serves as a vibrant record, weaving together their rich and diverse experiences from across the globe. Join us as we delve into the immersive world of studying abroad through their unique perspectives and insightful reflections.

Jack Heuberger – Amsterdam (FA22)

Follow Jack through his study abroad in Amsterdam!

Grace Lu – San Francisco (SU16)

Follow Grace through her summer travels in San Francisco!

I got to see the sea lions on Pier 39, something that I missed the last time I went to the Wharf. It feels great to be able to show some of my friends what my life is like here, as I am unable to describe it as well with words.

Cathy Kuang – Silicon Valley, Hong Kong and Israel (FA16/SP17)

Follow Cathy through her travels to Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, and Israel.

Next week, I’ll fly across the country to the San Francisco Bay Area for the Silicon Valley Road Show, a trip organized by the Career Center to visit several tech companies including Yelp, Square, Macy’, Google, the AT&T Foundry, Medallia and Tesla.

Allison Bukys – Cambodia (SU15)

Follow Allison on her journey through Cambodia!

Cambodia is beautiful, and different from what I expected. Liger Learning Center is about thirty minutes away from the airport by car along roads filled with motos where the lanes are merely suggestions.