January 27, 2018: Returning from Israel

It was a Platform Nine and Three-Quarters situation. We were at the correct street address for the client’s office, but nothing around us looked like an office. In front of us was a cafe, and across the street was a line of shops, ranging from a yogurt store to a deli to a currency exchange […]

December 30, 2017: Why Israel?

Upon first telling someone that I’m going to Israel over winter break, the likely reaction is either: “But you’re not Jewish?” or “Wait, are you going on Birthright?” No, I’m not Jewish, which also means that no, I’m not going on Birthright. The actual reason for this trip is to participate in an Olin Business […]

Advice – If You’re Planning to Study Abroad

First of all, you should definitely study abroad! If you’re on the fence about it at all, just do it! Secondly, I’ll preface this advice by saying that everyone studies abroad for different reasons, and people end up having vastly different experiences, even if they go to the same place. Think about what your goals […]

June 1, 2017: Reflecting on My Exchange Semester

About 24 hours after my last final exam, I was on a plane back to the United States. Another 24 hours after that, I was eating dinner with my family in the Massachusetts house where I grew up. The quick turnaround left me questioning whether the whole Hong Kong adventure was even real. But then […]

January 12, 2017: Game-Changing Tech Companies

Groups of engineers stand together, engaged in discussion between endless rows of computers, car parts and prototypes in this massive industrial office space. Even as visitors, we can sense the energy of productivity that can only be attributed to a company whose mission is to accelerate the movement toward sustainability–Tesla. Ride in a Model X, […]

January 7, 2017: Introduction

Hello! My name is Cathy Kuang, and I’m a junior at Wash. U., studying Marketing with a minor in Computer Science. Next week, I’ll fly across the country to the San Francisco Bay Area for the Silicon Valley Road Show, a trip organized by the Career Center to visit several tech companies including Yelp, Square, […]