Washington University is continually evaluating and implementing new methods of communicating with students, parents, faculty and staff.  Having multiple ways to contact our mobile and diverse population is particularly important in the rare instances when there are severe safety threats that require getting information to everyone.

Washington University can only get emergency information to you if the University knows how to reach you.  Information on how to assure the University can reach you is available via the emergency.wustl.edu website.   Please visit the site to find out how to be prepared prior to an emergency and know “Where to Go” for more information during an emergency.

Alertus Desktop Client:

In order to help students be informed as quickly as possible during an emergency, we recommend that students install the Alertus desktop client software, which allows the University to send rapid emergency notifications directly to desktop or laptop computers.  During an emergency, Alertus desktop clients offer more rapid delivery of emergency information than other methods such as phone calls, emails, and SMS messages.

Please note:
For the desktop pop-ups to work, you must install the proper version of the client, be logged onto your computer and connected to the WUSTL wired or wireless network.
When installed and properly connected, you will see a yellow Alertus icon () and when not connected, the icon will be red ().

Below are the links for downloading the Alertus desktop client software for various platforms: