Scope of Service

Student Technology Services provides services and support to all residential students of Washington University in St. Louis.  The services we provide include:

  • Configuring laptops and mobile devices to connect to the University network and email system
  • Maintenance of computers and printers in the residential halls
  • Scan, copy, and color printing services at the STS Help Desk in Gregg Hall
  • STS Service Desk in Gregg Hall
    • Virus/malware removal
    • Data backup
    • Operating system reinstalls
    • Hardware diagnostics
  • Laptop Lending:
    • Students who check in a personal computer at the STS Service Desk for troubleshooting that will require overnight work may borrow an STS laptop for the period of time that their device is checked in
    • STS has a limited number of laptops that can be borrowed on a first come, first serve basis
    • Students will be asked to sign a form accepting financial responsibility for loss or damage of borrowed equipment
    • Students must return all STS equipment when they pick up their personal machine
  • In-room technical support:
    • Cable TV Service Support
    • Wired/wireless Internet troubleshooting
    • Internet access for Internet-capable gaming systems

While we provide support for most technology-related problems students may experience, certain things fall outside the scope of our service. This includes:

  • Support for personal printers and desktop computers
  • Support for machines currently covered by warranty
  • Setup or support of commercial grade routers provided for off campus students
  • Physical hardware repair of computers or other technology components
  • Setting up servers