Wednesday – June 17, 2015: Reflections on teaching

Everyone thought programming was hard. It didn’t matter if someone was in the top of the class or the bottom, everyone said it was hard. Some people liked it anyways and others didn’t. The boys were better than the girls at saying what they were good at. Even the boys who weren’t good at programming […]

Monday – June 15, 2015: A word about trash…

There is trash everywhere here. It’s totally gross. It’s by the side of the road, in fields, in streams, public squares, people’s yards, literally everywhere. The worst is the neighborhood garbage areas that occur frequently where people stack trash and then burn it. The smell is awful, and the thought of all the carcinogens that […]

Sunday – May 31, 2015

Last weekend, we took our final trip out of Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Wow! Siem Reap is unfortunately touristy, but is so because the temples are legitimately amazing! We spent three days there, and visited the temples on Friday and Sunday. Angkor Wat is the largest temple, and covers more than a square kilometer! […]

Monday – May 18, 2015: Second week at Liger recap

*Disclaimer* This is not the post I promised on Liger, which will be forthcoming. Last week brought a lot of opportunity for sight-seeing and adventure, now that we have a better grasp on how to get around. A highlight of my week was accompanying two of the Liger teachers to the local Frisbee league. I […]

Tuesday – May 12, 2015: First week recap

Our first weekend in Cambodia was action packed! Once a year, Liger holds a mock auction where the kids can use merit points earned over the year to bid on special excursions or items. One auction item was to see the new Avengers movie, so on Friday night we joined several of the kids on […]

Friday – May 8, 2016: New Horizons

Cambodia is beautiful, and different from what I expected. Liger Learning Center is about thirty minutes away from the airport by car along roads filled with motos where the lanes are merely suggestions. The campus is a rectangle about 5 minutes by 10 minutes walking, with one main school building, a science building, four small […]