Printing quotas can be checked  by going to Quotas vary for each student based on where they live (residential housing vs off campus) or which school they attend. All quotas are annual and are applied on July 1st of each year as follows:

  • All WUSTL Danforth Campus students receive a $5.00 credit
  • All students living in residential housing receive a $40.00 credit
  • Other quotas are given by individual schools: for questions concerning quotas for individual schools, please contact the relevant school
  • If you exhaust your provided printing quota, you can print using Bear Bucks.  Visit for more information.

Print jobs sent to the printing system are held for 36 hours awaiting release at one of the print release stations across campus.  If a job is not released within 36 hours, it is purged from the printing system and will need to be resubmitted.

Personal wireless printers will not work on the residential network.  Students will need to use a USB or wired connection to connect these devices.

Greek Life Housing printers are not setup or managed by STS.  Please contact your House Manager for information on connecting to your Greek Life house printer.

Printing CostsSingleDuplex
Black and White Printing:$ .04$ .03
Color Printing:$ .25$ .20