SPSS for students: free for classwork use

Students: to access the Windows OS download for your personal computer, click the  FY21 Student Download.
If this doesn’t work for you or need instructions for Mac or Linux, please provide your name and email for access

NEW Service Desk: Tech Den

What are the recommended specs for a laptop for your degree? Check out techden.wustl.edu – a new site that brings together each school’s recommended hardware specifications and more.

Zoom etiquette

At the request at some of our thoughtful campus partners, we’ve done some research and requested the input of a few of our student techs’ in assembling these Zoom best practices for WashU students.

Do you have any other tips to add to the list?
Email oana.jackson@wustl.edu


Student Technology Services is here to provide support for all your technology needs.
The FAQs below or the WUSTL TOPS video tutorial should help get you get some answers and connected to the various tech resources at the University.

Is there an app for that?

Yes there is: look up the WashU Mobile App.

Do you need help with directions around campus, finding out what there is to eat where, finding people at WashU or tech help on the go? There is indeed an app for that and it’s called WashU Mobile.

The WashU Mobile app brings together the best mobile functionality from across the University. Download WashU Mobile from the following links: iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and Android (Tablets, Smartphones).

How do I get online?

The recommended network for students is WUSTL-2.0

The Danforth Campus and residential areas provide WiFi connectivity in most indoor spaces. Please follow these instructions or watch the video below to get connected to the wireless network. Alternatively, you can connect to the WUSTL network in your dorm room with an Ethernet cable. You can either bring one with you when you arrive, or purchase one at the following places on-campus: Bear Necessities or WU Bookstore.

Where and how do I print?

Each residential computer lab on campus is equipped with a color printer. You can print directly from that lab or send print jobs using PaperCut WebPrint via your account at myprinting.wustl.edu. Please go here for more information or watch the video below for more information. 

There are also two additional and convenient printing locations on the South 40:

  • in BD, right past the entrance to the food ordering area
  • inside STS, at the storefronts of Gregg House

How do I activate Microsoft Office 365?

WashU provides current students with FREE access to Microsoft Office 365. Each user can install and activate the Microsoft Office Apps on up to 5 personally-owned devices. For more information watch the How-To video below or visit following link.

How do I setup and access Box?

WUSTL Box is a cloud-based file storage and sharing solution available for free to all students and staff.  Simply login using your WUSTL Key at box.wustl.edu and your WUSTL Box account will be created.

Please visit the WUSTL Box FAQ here for additional information about how to use Box. 

What about my @wustl.edu email?

To check your WUSTL email please bookmark email.wustl.edu.

For email client set up instructions please visit email.wustl.edu/email-client-setup/

For forwarding instructions visit email.wustl.edu/how-to/forwarding/

Will I have access to cable TV?

Yes! The dorms have cable TV hookups that will give you access to over 100 channels, including international programming. If you are bringing a television from home, make sure to bring a CATV cable and your remote control. For setup instructions and assistance, please see our page on getting connected to cable TV.

Anything else?

Helpful tips:

  • Take some time to read the University’s Computer Use Policy.
  • Make sure your computer’s firewall is turned on for extra protection.
  • Make sure to use strong passwords so that no one can gain access to your computer.
  • Keep all of your software products updated so the latest security and privacy threats are addressed.
  • Once you arrive, make sure your computer is physically secured. If you are bringing a laptop, you should bring a cable lock for it. You may also be interested in purchasing a traceable “STOP” tag from the Campus Police Department.
  • DO NOT bring any kind of network router – i.e. Linksys, D-Link, Airport, Time Machine, etc. Routers are not allowed on the residential network as they pose a security risk.

Tech FAQs for Emergency Response

I am a student & need tech help. Who do I call?

Phone: 314.935.7100

  • For residential student IT service, press 1
  • For non-residential student IT service, press 2

I need help with 2 Factor Authentication. Where can I find 2FA/Duo information?

2 Factor Authentication (2FA) combines something you know (your credentials) with something you have (a phone, tablet, or code). Applications and web sites that integrate WashU 2FA provide enhanced security protection for your WUSTLKey. 
To check your 2FA status, please go to connect.wustl.edu/2fa

More 2FA questions? Visit the Duo FAQs

What if I am being prompted for 2FA access, but don't have the Duo Mobile app?

Please visit this page for instructions.

How do I setup and access Zoom?

Make sure your computer is ready by test your internet connection, software, camera and microphone using the Zoom test tool at https://zoom.us/test.

Zoom is a web based video conferencing service available for free to all students and staff. Neither the Zoom web nor desktop application require 2FA or VPN access 

In order to create an account with no time limit, you will need to set up a WUSTL Zoom account  (You can find instructions for how to do this here

Where can I find more information about Zoom?

Students should visit the Teaching and Learning Continuity website here for tips on using Zoom for class.

Check out this Zoom Cheatsheet for additional information about how to use Zoom web or desktop application 

How do I setup and access Box?

WUSTL Box is a cloud-based file storage and sharing solution available for free to all students and staff. 

Simply login using your WUSTL Key at wustl.app.box.com and your WUSTL Box account will be created.

Where can I find more information about Box?

Please visit the WUSTL Box FAQ here for additional information about how to use Box. 

How do I setup and access ArcGIS?

Current WashU students, faculty and staff may obtain a fully functional copy of the ArcGIS Desktop software from WU Libraries. You can find out more information about how to install ArcGIS Desktop here

You can also access ArcGIS Online a cloud-based suite of GIS tools that run in your browser and facilitate web map creation and publishing. You can find out more information about how to access ArcGIS Online here


Where can I find more information about ArcGIS?

The WU Libraries staff have created tutorials for ArcGIS Desktop and Online along with links to other ArcGIS resources which can be accessed here.

You can find more information about GIS services, along with online help desk hours at the following link here.

Where can I get help with Canvas?

24/7 Canvas Support

Canvas offers students 24/7 technical support. Simply click the Help buttonStudent Help Menu
from the Global Navigation Menu and select Chat with Canvas Support (Students) or Canvas Support Hotline (Students). You can also Search the Canvas Guides to find answers or Report a Problem.


Also, check out these Canvas FAQs: https://mycanvas.wustl.edu/studentsupport/


Where can students go for information about online learning?

Students should go to Strategies for Learning Remotely on the Teaching & Learning Continuity website for information about the shift to online learning. Also see Frequently Asked Questions on that site.

I see Eduroam as a network option. How do I connect to the internet via Eduroam?

While each device configuration is different, they all follow the same basic directions:

  1. Select the wireless network eduroam from the list of wireless networks.
  2. Select Connect (check Connect automatically if you’d like).
  3. Enter your WUSTL Key username with an @wustl.edu after it.
    • For example, if your WUSTL Key is jemurray you would enter jemurray@wustl.edu for the username.
  4. Enter your WUSTL Key password.
  5. You may be prompted to accept a certificate, select OK, Accept, Agree and AcceptContinue, or Ignore (it varies based on your device type).
    • If a window appears requesting additional settings, complete as such:
      • EAP Method: PEAP
      • Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2
      • Certificate: None or Unavailable
      • Anonymous: Leave blank
      • Username: WustlKeyUsername@wustl.edu
      • Password: Wustl Key password
    • Android users may need to select a CA certificate setting.  Choose Do not validate (or Not Required or None, depending on your system).  You may also need to specify your Phase 2 Authentication as MSCHAPv2.
  6. You are now connected to eduroam.
  • If you are unable to connect following these instructions, you may have to check your advanced settings, by following the instructions found here.
  • As a 3rd party service, there are times when the login might not work initially; trying again from a different location or an hour or two later typically works.
  • For a list of participating Eduroam institutions, check the Eduroam website.
  • What if I don’t have internet at home or my internet is too slow?

    If you have a poor internet connection at home, please see the following link for some helpful troubleshooting steps

    If you are in an area served by either Charter or Comcast, you may be able to get free Internet service for the rest of the semester:

    What about VPN for students?

    VPN allows you to connect to University resources requiring a secure Washington University network connection to access. Many tools do not require a VPN connection to access them. For example, Canvas, Zoom, Teams, Box, Outlook, and Office 365 apps. For a list of WashU systems that do and do not require VPN, view WashU Systems VPN Requirements (PDF).

    Some students may need to use a VPN connection if their location or country blocks standard access to WashU applications. The University expects students studying outside the U.S. to comply with the internet usage laws of the countries in which they are located.

    You must have WUSTL 2FA enabled for your account in order to use VPN. For more information, see it.wustl.edu/2fa

    Installation and Connecting Instructions

    WUSTL Key Log in required