Allison Bukys

Wednesday – June 17, 2015: Reflections on teaching

Everyone thought programming was hard. It didn’t matter if someone was in the top of the class or the bottom, everyone said it was hard. Some people liked it anyways and others didn’t.

The boys were better than the girls at saying what they were good at. Even the boys who weren’t good at programming could think of a skill that they did relatively better at, whereas all of the girls just kinda shrugged.

Whether my students succeed depends a ton on whether I am prepared. Obviously I cannot hope to be perfect, but my preparedness and attention to detail are a major factor towards learning rate and retention.

Every student has something to offer the class. It’s my job to put them in a position to showcase their strengths even while working to improve their weaknesses.

 Reflections from the students:

“After this exploration I think I had learned some of the basic of how to program the games. Before this class I had wonder how people program the game because it is one of the most entertainment activity that people used when they’re free. For me during this exploration class I have programed some games such as Hangman Game, Guess Number, Playing Rock Paper Scissor with computer and our final War Ship Game.”

“What I would like to do in the future with programming was I want to teach other people what I have learned and what project I have do with my partner, talk to people and tell them that why it important to learn about programming (help us to do anything we want by using the program.) For me I think it hard because I never learned it before but sometimes it easy because I like it and I understand a lot.”

“I have learned a lot from programing class. I learn about if statement, while loop, for loop. We also use turtle to draw a shape like square, triangle and others. In the future is program about a lot drawing and also game. The best part in class when I answer the question right and I understand the lesson. The worst part is I can’t answer the question also the first time that I started learning programming nothing go into my head. Sometime coding hard for me cause I never learn it before it my first time sometime it is easy like turtle. I like when use turtle to draw the shape like square or octagon.”

 “This year, at Liger, I have learned a lot about technology. Programming is one of the technology class I have taken. But this class is different from the other class because my teacher is a new amazing teacher from the US. This class have made my coding ability improved a lot. The first week, I learned about boolean algebra. It is about true and false statement. True is represented by number one and false represented by number zero. I practiced a lot. One example is true or false or not true is equal to true. The best part of this class is I could do a lot project such as guess the number, rock paper scissor, hangman and my final project, which is called Guess Liger. All these project include a lot of content. One of the most important things are for loop and while loop. While loop is used to run something repeatedly. These projects used up a lot of team working. Guess Liger is a game to guess all Liger people. There are 10 guesses available for you. If your guess is right, the letter will show in the right section. But if your guess wrong, it will show in the wrong section. In the game we will show you the hints and pictures for you to estimate who are they. I love my hangman and my final project so much. My partner for hangman was Makara. My partners for Guess Liger was Vornsar and Samnang. My group finished the final project first because each of us had different jobs to do. We have description to write, picture to crop, code to do and some problems to fix. My problems were mostly about the order of the list of names, descriptions and pictures.”

 “Cambodia is an amazing country to visit. We have a lot of beautiful place such as Angkor Wat temple, Sihanoukville beach. There are a lot of delicious food like khmer noodle, sticky rice. The people in here are so friendly too. There is one amazing school in this country. It is called liger Learning Center. There are fifty students that selected from all around Cambodia. There are a lot of subjects in this school. I love literacy the most. This place is a very good place to visit.”