Grace Lu

August 11, 2016

Happy almost weekend everyone!

Today will be my second to last day at CodeHS! I’m sad to go, yet also super excited to go back to WashU. Today is hackathon day of the month, so I’ll be spending most of my time working on finishing up my hackathon project from last month: the project displays school data for the sales team to easily grab data on school data in specific states. I’m also finishing up one of my main projects that I’ve been working on for the past two weeks; it’s live at the moment, so I’ll simply be making sure to fix some bugs that will inevitably pop up.

Yesterday, I went to an intern event at Nylas, which was only a block up from my office. It’s a startup that is building a platform for email-powered apps, and they were hosting an event for interns to gather at their office and chat with each other. I thought that the food was a bit sparse (they had chicken wings, ice cream, and lemonade), but the office was very swanky. I saw some friends that I’ve met from previous intern events, so I got to chat with them instead of standing awkwardly in a corner. I find these sort of events to be nice, as you can meet people from similar backgrounds, and I do wish that I had spent a bit more time at such events this summer. It’s very nice to check out other startups in the area and see what other companies are working on.

BonfireAfterwards, my friends and I went to Ocean Beach and had a bonfire! It’s nice to see how I’ve made some very close friends in San Francisco, which was something that I wasn’t truly anticipating. I knew that I would have a great experience at work, but I wasn’t expecting to make some new best friends. I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to keep in touch with them all if I return here for good next year!

Since my friend from WashU was visiting me, we decided to get dinner at 9:30 at AL’s Place. The food is absolutely amazing, but be prepared for the prices! I still think that this is one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to my life, and if I had more money I would’ve went across the street from my apartment every day to dine there.

I’ll be writing my last blog post this weekend, and I’m sad that this signifies the true end of my summer at San Francisco. The experience has truly taught me a great deal on what I value in a company, in a city, and in myself. I’m hoping that someday I’ll come back and continue to explore this area that I now identify as one of my homes, as three months truly isn’t enough!