Grace Lu

July 31, 2016

Bridgeway Cafe

Full plate at the Bridgeway Cafe

This weekend, I spent most of my day on Saturday hiking Muir Woods. It’s located north of San Francisco, and to get there my friends and I went by ferry and then shuttle.

We first arrived at the Ferry Building to catch the ferry to Sausalito. The nice thing about having a clipper card is that you can go on practically any sort of public transportation, so we simply used our clippers to get on. Sausalito is a very cute, quaint town north of San Francisco; it’s a bit of a tourist destination and has quite expensive food. My friends and I went to Bridgeway Cafe, where I spent a whopping $16 on a shrimp and avocado omelette. It was pretty good food, however I did find the prices to be a bit ridiculous.

After eating, we went to catch the Muir Woods shuttle. The shuttle comes every hour and costs $5 round trip. Initially, I was told by the lady at the information desk that you needed cash to board the bus, but I later found out that you could pay for your fare using your card at the Muir Woods visitor center! I was scrambling to figure out how to get a $5 from a $20, and then later realized that I didn’t need to worry at all.

Muir Woods

Into the Muir Woods

When we arrived at the woods, we noticed that it was very crowded. I personally don’t enjoy hiking much with a ton of other people around, so my friends and I went on a separate, more secluded trail where we went up the mountain and then back down. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone hiking and brings up childhood memories: whenever my family and I vacationed, we would always visit national parks and go hiking together.

We spent around 2 hours hiking, and then got tired so we decided to head back towards the shuttle. For those of you who come here, if you want to make the shuttle at your planned time, make sure you show up an hour early for the line! Since the shuttle only has 37 seats and comes on the hour, you may not make the shuttle that you planned on taking. My friends and I went to the bus stop at around 4, and couldn’t get onto the bus until 5:30! We wanted to get back in time for the 6:00 PM ferry, but unfortunately missed it. So instead, we decided to take bus 30 back into San Francisco and then the 49 back to the Mission District.

I am pretty tired from the hiking this weekend, so I spent most of Sunday simply relaxing. I would recommend anyone who comes here for a summer to go hiking at Muir Woods, but I would suggest that you rent a car as public transportation is quite stressful. Going to start my second to last week, so I’ll be updating you all on all the things that I’m going to cram in during these last two weeks!