Below is the review checklist that the WUIT will use to determine if it can move forward with the publication of a mobile app.  If you are considering working with the University to develop and publish a mobile app, please review this checklist to ensure you are building your app according to our standard guidelines:

  • Application functions as described by developer
  • Application does not crash when used
  • Data presentation is accurate
  • Application code is commented for future support purposes
  • WUSTL logos are unmodified and used according to public affairs guidelines
  • Names of the University and University entities are listed correctly
  • Use of any advertising or in-app purchases is excluded
  • Appropriate disclaimer and source credits are easily accessible within the app
  • Exclusion of any lewd language, references to drugs, alcohol, etc.
  • Application should not “piggyback” on the name/branding of existing WUSTL systems
  • App does not prompt users to submit personal information
  • If authentication is required, app authenticates via WUSTL-Key
  • App must not “harvest” data when connected to a secure data source
  • Developer has signed agreement with WUIT
  • Developer has obtained permission to use WUSTL logos, names, etc.
  • Developer must have permission to access data sources that the app uses