STAC Application for Membership

STAC is comprised of a four-student leadership team, representatives from several campus groups, and students from around campus.

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The Chairperson is in charge of maintaining the mission of STAC. They are responsible for calling and chairing meetings, setting the agenda and vision, leading recruitment efforts, organizing the leadership team, and any other tasks necessary for the success of the committee. The title and responsibilities of the position may be shared between two equal Co-Chairpersons.


The Treasurer oversees the finances of STAC. They are responsible for setting the annual budget, approval of purchases, and maintaining the financial stability of the committee.


The Secretary oversees all administrative tasks of STAC. They are responsible for taking meeting minutes, distributing agendas and other communications, recording and archiving any documents, and performing any other administrative tasks that arise.

Content Designer

The Content Designer oversees all public relations and marketing for STAC. They are responsible for maintaining the social media pages, creating any marketing or PR materials, updating the STAC website, and performing any other marketing/PR related tasks.