NOTE: In order to access PaperCut WebPrint, you have to be connected to wustl-2.0 or wustl-2.0-encrypted (you can find instructions to connect here)

  1. When you sign on to your PaperCut account at you should now see a new option called ‘Web Print’ beneath the ‘Jobs Pending Release’ option.
  2. Choose ‘Web Print’ to go to the main Web Print menu, like below.   (You can also see here if there are any Active Jobs in your account still waiting to be printed.)
  3. Click on the button marked ‘Submit a Job’ and you’ll be taken to the Printer Selection menu.
  4. The printer names describe the type of print you’d receive.  For instance, choose the printer with the name ending in \WUSTLprint-BW-DoubleSided if you want to print in black and white, double-sided, choose the one ending in \WUSTLprint-Color-DoubleSided if you want to print in color, double-sided.After you’ve made your choice, click on the button marked ‘2. Print Options and Account Selection.’At the following screen (see below) you’ll start the process to choose the documents on your computer for printing.  Click on the green ‘Upload Documents’ button to bring up the Upload menu.
  5. This will bring up the ‘Upload’ menu.  Click on the green ‘Upload from computer’ to choose the files or drag your files to the section marked ‘Drag files here.’
  6. If you click on ‘Upload from computer’ you should see your list of files like this where you’d choose whatever document(s) are needing to be printed.
  7. After choosing the files click on ‘Open’ and then ‘Upload & Complete’.  Your screen should now look like this and your document(s) will be seen as queued for printing, waiting for you to use your card at one of the Papercut printers:
  8. If you click on ‘Submit a Job’ you’ll be returned to the Printer selection menu.  Otherwise just continue on with your normally-scheduled school work.