HIRING: Student Technology Coordinators

STC applications are now open for both the South40 and the North Side. Paid training will take place this semester for STC assignments for FA21/SP22. South 40 – Hitzeman, Hurd and Meyers STC (4 person Hitzeman suite) – Shandeling, Rutledge, Dauten STC (Shanedling 4 person suite) – Lee Beau STC (1 person suite with private […]

IMPORTANT: Tech updates for #WUSTL20

With graduation just behind us, you may be wondering what will happen to your WUSTL Box account, email account, Zoom and a couple other resources. Here’s some need to know information: WUSTL Box Starting May 16, 2020, you will have a 90 day grace period to download your data off of WUSTL Box. As such, […]