5The Washington University in St. Louis Department of Information Services and Technology has developed an initiative to enhance mobile computing on campus.  This webpage is intended to give the University community information on the initiative as well as news and updates on mobile computing.

News and Updates:

What is the mobile computing Initiative?

  • Information Services and Technology has formed a working group tasked with enhancing mobile computing technologies on campus.  The initiative has broad goals including working with student developers, collaborating with University schools and departments around their own mobile computing goals, providing guidelines and technical expertise for mobile website development, evaluating mobile application development platforms, and making University data available for consumption/syndication on mobile devices.

Is the mobile computing initiative centered on a specific platform?

  • No.  While many of the current WUSTL mobile apps are built for the Apple iOS platform, the mobile computing initiative aims to provide mobile computing on all common mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and mobile web.

I have my own idea for a WUSTL app.  How can I get started collaborating with the University?

Can’t I just publish my WUSTL app on my own?

  • Applications which use WUSTL trademarks, replicate publicly available University data, or in any way portray themselves as a WUSTL app must be published in conjunction with the University and you must obtain appropriate rights to use University trademarks and data.